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Garden Pots Muslin Swaddles

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Muslin swaddle for a warm and secure wrap!

Thālelo medium cotton swaddle blanket is a newborn baby essential. It is perfect for swaddling, cuddling, and soothing a baby to sleep. It is made of soft cotton muslin that is perfect for the baby skin. It can be used by breastfeeding mothers as a nursing cover, on strollers, on baby beds, on changing mats or as a towel.

Thālelo small size handy swaddle cloth can be used as security blankets so the little one can snuggle with it to sleep. It is made of soft cotton muslin that is perfect for the baby skin. The swaddle also works well as a gentle wipe cloth for bath or after feeding the baby. The swaddle becomes softer with every wash.

Each swaddle set is shipped with "How to swaddle?" pictorial guide which provides step-by-step instructions on ways to wrap the baby using hip-healthy methods. Swaddling mimics the coziness of the womb and helps the baby feel secure. It prevents the baby from startling and waking up during sleep (Moro Reflex). Babies can be swaddled with arms out or with arms tucked in the swaddle.

Featuring the Garden Pots design.

Thālelo lightweight muslin swaddles are crafted from soft and breathable fabric. The open weave design of the fabric allows airflow and prevents overheating when you wrap the baby.

We have lab- tested and ensured that the dye used is baby friendly, so if your baby chews or sucks on them, you don’t have to worry about it!!

Products details

    • 100% muslin combed-cotton
    • 43" x 43" (109 cms x 109 cms)
    • 24" x 15" (60 cms x 40 cms)
    • Single layered
    • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk
    • Made in India

    Wash and Care: We have pre-washed the swaddles but we recommend that (like most baby products) you wash them before first use. Wash gently and line dry or tumble dry on low.

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