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Garden (Medium and Small Bundles)

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Thālelo Swaddle Bundles consists of 2 swaddling blankets and 2 small security swaddles.

These soft muslin swaddles are suitable for swaddling, cuddling, and soothing your baby to sleep.

Paired with the co-ordinated security blankets that also serves as a washcloth for cleanups these are

Our swaddles are luxuriously soft, gentle and lightweight- made from breathable fabric. 

Use as a nursing cover, on strollers, on baby beds, on changing mats or as a towel.

Product details

    • 100% muslin combed cotton
    • 2 Medium : 43" x 43" (109 cms x 109 cms)
    • 2 Small: 24" x 15" (60 cms x 40 cms)
    • Single layered
    • Non-toxic, baby-friendly dyes
    • Open weave design to allow airflow
    • Prevents overheating
    • Made in India

Wash and Care

We recommend that (like most baby products) you wash them before first use. Wash gently and line dry or tumble dry on low.

Notes on Swaddling

Swaddling mimics the coziness of the womb and helps the baby feel secure. It prevents the baby from startling and waking up during sleep (Moro Reflex).

Swaddle should be snug but NOT tight. The baby should be able to move his/her hips so do not straighten the legs or tie the swaddle end around the babies legs or hips. Follow hip-healthy swaddling methods.

Babies can be swaddled with arms out or with arms tucked in the swaddle.