What is Swaddling?

Swaddling is an ancient tradition in India. It was not uncommon for newborn infants to be wrapped in a swathe of fabric to keep them snug and warm. Swaddling especially after a massage and bath, is a common procedure as it has been believed to be calming and soothing, helping the babies to sleep well.

What are the benefits of swaddling?

    What can I use to swaddle?

    Essentially, swaddling can be done with any piece of cloth. However, experts suggest that swaddles with an open weave are breathable and they permit airflow between the baby's body and the environment. This prevents over-heating of the body and regulates the baby’s body temperature.

    Swaddles made with fine yarn are naturally gentle and soft and will retain softness even after multiple washes when appropriate wash care instructions are followed.

    By virtue of being light, cotton muslin dries rapidly and prevents the growth of bacteria or other allergens.

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    There are several ways to swaddle your baby. You may select any method to wrap your little one but be sure to follow the Safe Swaddling guidelines every time you swaddle!