Sleep for Parents

On average, parents lose about 2 hours of sleep during the first 5 months with the baby and then about 1 hour every night till the child crosses kindergarten. Babies and young children constantly wake up at night and several mothers have engaged in the habituated activity of walking and rocking them in half droopy and weary state.

The baby is often dependent on calming activities that only another person (usually mom) can execute. This is could range from singing a lullaby and rocking or walking continuously to help the baby to settle down for a nap. If you are lucky, then the grandparents and spouse pitch in to do several activities to calm the baby, while you sleep. So now the baby is accustomed to these sleep habits, every time the baby wakes up you know that you just need to keep do similar activities to help the baby go back to sleep.

While this seems like an effective option in the early days when the baby is small, as the baby grows older, the spouse is away, and grandparents are no longer available for rocking and walking, you are now required to do all the calming methods that the baby is so dependent on.

Poor sleep patterns and habits require constant parental intervention to help children fall asleep and eventually the mother’s loss of sleep, fatigue, and poor ability to cope with demanding situations creates havoc for the family.

Creating good sleep routines and sleep environment, helping the baby feel secure and comfortable, are small steps that mothers can take to help babies and empower themselves by getting a good night rest.