Customer Reviews

"Thālelo has the softest swaddles I have come across. The quality of the cotton is amazing and is very soft on the precious baby. I have been using only their swaddles and T-shirt’s and pyjamas. Superb quality wish they had more variety. Worth a mention is the pretty prints and pleasing colours on the fabric. Good job."
-Mahalakshmi, Chennai, India

“Your swaddles have been here best friend since day one . Literally since the morning she was born!”
-Santoshi. M, Chennai, India.

“It was through Thalelo that I learnt about swaddling and it has made such a difference with my newborn's sleep. Not only is the cotton used in the swaddle and the night dresses of the best quality, the package comes with detailed instructions as well as cards to engage baby in play - Vandita takes it beyond just selling a product. Her support via whatsapp and personal approach to customers is awesome.”
-Jenanee, Chennai, India.

"Just received my 5 of thalelo swaddles in different prints and OMG!! I am held amazed by the quality and packaging!! Hats off guys.. I would suggest and highly request you to make blankets as well.. I will be the first to place order.. Thanku so much!!"
-Shailly Thakkar, Faridabad, India.

"Hands down this is one of THE BEST swaddles I have seen so far. Have been using them since day one my little one was born. The material is unbelievably soft, most superior quality among the things you will find here. I would recommend Thalelo wraps any day!"
-Elaine Beulah, Coimbatore, India

"Thank you for the shipment and the delivery. The card was lovely, the message was printed perfectly, and the additional elements included – the patterns and the information sheet – added to customer delight. A very good experience."
-Karthik. S, Myanmar

"Thalelo swaddle blankets are extremely soft. My daughter loves how it feels cosy when held. The colours are very soothing. The wash cloth is also very useful. We use it as a wash cloth, a handkerchief. The fabric feels very comfortable."
-Harshit. S, Pune, India

"Wonderful swaddles! The swaddles are beautiful and baby-soft, and of premium quality. The fabric is really soft and easy to wrap around. The size is generous. The designs are very pleasant too."
-Lavanya. A, Chennai, India
"We bought a number of different brands of swaddle cloths for our 4 month old but this is by far the best in terms of quality and ability to use it for multiple things. We got to try this product for the last 4 months and the softness is unbeatable even after a number of washes. Highly recommend it over any other swaddle blankets/sacks."
-Pradeep. P, USA
"Great product-very soft blankets, pleasant colors. Packaging is superb- makes a perfect gift for a new born."
-Sukumar. K, Chennai, India
"As soft as a cloud is what my friend who had twins said when she used them . The babies love being swaddled in these soft cotton blankets and sleep peacefully .. I am ordering more for fir a few more new moms ... ! Thank u thalelo!"
-Rathi V, Chennai, India
"Thālelo swaddles is amazingly soft. The quality is great and so is the packing. A class!"
-Vasireddy Prakash, Chennai, India
"A gem of a product! Thalelo swaddles are the softest material I have come across till date…couple that with it being made with non toxic colours and voila…you have the perfect swaddle for a newborn! The material is very breathable just like it claims…and very gentle and mild designs…Also I liked the really cute packaging…would make a perfect gift for babies…all the new mommies…this would make the best thing you ever buy for your babies…go for it…cheers!!"
-Aswathi. S, Palakkad, India
"These blankets are the softest blankets I have ever used. The quality is excellent. The designs are beautiful, nothing flashy. It’s the perfect gift for a baby. With Breathable fabric, organic cotton and non toxic colors, you know your baby is safe and comfortable. Thank you for making these blankets!"
-Lavanya. R, USA
"Great swaddle! It’s a wonderful product. The product was delivered in 2 days and the packaging is very good. I gifted to my friends daughter and she called me to say that the fabric is very soft and the design is beautiful. She liked it very much and felt very happy."
-Govindrajan. P, Coimbatore, India

"Lush Comfort! Wonderful material and such a nice gift for a couple with a new born. Everything about the blankets says cozy comfort."
-Samanth. B, Chennai, India

"We got this product as a gift and have been using it on our new born for a few months and we love it. The size is perfect, the designs are so vibrant and attractive for babies, it is extremely soft and dries very easily. This will be my go to for multi-purpose blankets for my baby and for gifting to to her fellow parents."
-Ramya. P, USA

"I just wanted to say how much we have loved your swaddle blankets. It is the only blankets that I use for our newborn. They are very user-friendly and put our son right to sleep. Thanks so much and keep up the good work."
-Matthew. C, USA