Hip Healthy Safe Swaddling

As parents and caregivers we cannot forget that safety is important in everything we do for our baby!

Swaddling is safe when done is the correct manner.

Hip healthy swaddling methods are important to prevent injury to the baby's hip. When infants are in the mother's womb their legs are bent in the fetal position. After birth if we try to straighten the legs of the baby it could cause hip problems.

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, swaddling should allow the movement of legs. Modern swaddling calls for freedom of the legs. This means, the swaddle blanket must be snug (--not tight--) in the upper part of the body and loose towards the hips and legs. The baby should be able to move his/her hips without feeling restricted. Hence it is recommended that you do not straighten the legs or tie the swaddle end around the babies legs or hips.

Kindly note that swaddling does not cause hip dysplasia but improper swaddling can result in hip injury among infants who are at a risk of hip dyslpasia. Hence we suggest that you follow safe swaddling methods. 

It is recommended that you stop swaddling once the baby starts rolling over to facilitate better movement during sleep.

Some babies do not like to be swaddled with the hands tucked. You can always leave the hands out and swaddle at the chest level.

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