About Us

Thālelo, a soothing lullaby that gently lulls your little one to sleep.

Just like our name, we create soft and premium baby essentials and baby clothes for your little ones. Our products are made from 100% premium cotton. We believe that baby items should be safe, comfortable, made of premium quality, and elegant. Hence we do not compromise on these essential components of product development. Every product is made with a lot of care and love, always with goal of providing the best for babies and their mommies.

Being a conscious brand we use superior quality of fabric that is soft and has good dimensional stability. Therefore it maintains the shape and quality even after several washes. Our fabric is made by local weavers and all our products are developed by local artisans. We are completely #VocalforLocal!

Quality and safety are of utmost important and therefore all colour dyes used in Thālelo products are baby-friendly and safe. Indigenous designs that are aesthetically appealing are using non-toxic Azo-free and lead-free dyes. We follow international standards in production and believe in a fair trade policy.

About Our Founder

Vandita Rajesh is the Founder of Thālelo. In her early days with her little one, away from her homeland, she struggled to cope with the baby's sleep issues. She figured out that a simple age-old method of swaddling the baby, helped her baby sleep and staying asleep. Swaddling mimics the coziness of the womb and offer better quality of sleep for the baby. This gives mothers the independence and rest they need so that they are alert and in good emotional state to handle the demands of the family.

With her first product, the absolutely soft and most loved muslin baby swaddle, Vandita launched Thālelo. Inspired to help mommies and babies have access good quality baby essentials in India, that are durable, beautiful, and safe and be home grown brand, Thālelo is growing everyday.

Vandita has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science and Texas Tech University. She graduated with a Ph.D in Public Health from the University of Texas, School of Public Health. She has authored many scientific articles on health and child development and continues to write and educate families.