"It’s okay Amma, don't worry"

By Vimala Nair

bake a spongy chocolate cake


The toll of lockdown was emotionally affecting me. I decided to do something special to cheer the family and me. I baked a perfect spongy chocolate cake with a wonderful butter icing (couldn’t stop admiring my cake!:))! I was looking forward for desert time after dinner when we would eat the cake and feel good. After dinner, I proudly cut the cake into large chunks for everyone to enjoy. As soon as my 8-year-old son and husband took their first bite they had a strange expression…. they said "It's bitter!”

Oh No! I realised that I had forgotten to put sugar in my cake. 

I was so disappointed! I really wanted all of us to have a good time enjoying the cake and now I had ruined it by not putting an important ingredient in the cake. I was really cross with myself and kept saying, "How could I do this? ....What was I thinking?" My son said a number of times, "It’s okay Amma, don't worry" but I could not calm down.

Suddenly my son raised his voice and said "Stop it Amma! It’s okay, stop getting angry at yourself. You made a mistake, its not your fault, you tried your best ....just be careful next time."                       

Hearing these words from my little boy I realised that teaching and learning will forever go hand in hand when you become a parent. I teach him to try his best and not to worry and now he is teaching me the same. It was time for me to listen and learn so I just smiled at him and said "You are right. I will just make another cake tomorrow and do a better job. Will you help me?" He gladly agreed.

The joy of parenting is that everyday you get to learn about how to become a better parent.

About the Author:

Vimala Nair, is an primary school teacher and a mom to two adorable children. An afternoon with coffee and books is an ideal getaway for her. She believes in living in the present moment and taking things in life with a pinch of salt. Her dream is to travel and explore the world and it’s amazing cultures.


Nicely written. Keep sharing your experiences :)


A simple, yet heartfelt narrative. A great reminder for moms to remind ourselves to take it easy. Being superwomen is overrated!


Thank you so much for encouraging us.


Congratulations Vimala
Truly appreciate your Blog , the language used , the style of narreting ,all excellent
As you rightly mentioned , teaching and learning go hand in hand , many times we are learning from our subordinate, juniors and young ones
Learning is never ending
Keep it up Vimala

Dilip Gujrathi

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